The Covid-19 pandemic illustrated the need for reactive and adaptive medical solutions. As the virus spread, rapidly, across continents, companies had to adapt and change quickly to the new environment.

Scientific opinion is that this virus is now with us permanently. As such, companies need to incorporate quick and effective screening processes into their regular health screening activities.

Covid-19 screening and testing programmes provide valuable control measures that enable businesses to open up their operations safely and responsibly.

SR8 Offshore has developed a robust process framework which enables us to deliver a comprehensive Covid-19 screening and testing solution to support our customers. We can deploy fully vetted medical personnel to perform these services on-site.

Our on-site HCPs operate under a comprehensive clinical governance structure which assures the quality of the medical service delivered.

We can deliver a flexible service in the following areas:


Screening can potentially identify personnel who are carrying the virus. SR8 Offshore can deploy medically trained personnel to a range of locations including airports, heliports, harbours and worksites to screen client personnel. Our screening programme consists of a questionnaire and temperature check and is reinforced by comprehensive internal procedures.

Rapid Covid-19 Antibody Testing

Rapid Covid-19 testing detects the presence of IgG and IgM antibodies. It helps to identify if a worker has had the virus or is clear of the virus. SR8 Offshore can deploy medical professionals to deliver testing programmes on our customer’s behalf and can also provide train-the-trainer packages. Our testing solution is approved by the MHRA in the UK and is CE marked.

Covid-19 RT-PCR Testing

RT-PCR Testing is used to confirm if a person has the virus or not. This process involves collecting a nasal pharyngeal sample via a swab test. Following this, samples are transported to the laboratory for analysis with a typical turnaround time of 24-48 hours.

SR8 Offshore can arrange highly trained medical personnel to perform testing at a specified site and can oversee the process through to the delivery of results.


Other services we offer

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