Medical Emergency Response

In an emergency which requires a specialist or high-level care not available on-site, we will manage the case from evacuation through to definitive care and repatriation, if needed.

Through our network of trusted, global partners, we have access to ground and air ambulances with the capability of reaching remote or difficult to access sites. All transport vehicles are staffed by medical experts who ensure the safe transfer of the patient.

If the patient needs repatriation to their home country, we will liaise with the lead case-clinician to arrange all the required transport and medical support required to get them home safely.

Working in conjunction with your team, we can create your Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP) for you.

Within your MERP we will clearly document the process for evacuating an individual, the required approvals, personnel to notify, recommended medical and dental facilities for referrals, evacuation and repatriation methods, security and health risks for the area of operations, and a documented chain of patient custody.

When developing your MERP, we analyse the local area to identify potential resources which can be used in a medical emergency. Our experienced staff will assess public, private, and military medical facilities for suitability. They will create appropriate plans for a suite of emergencies, depending on the services required.

When considering evacuation procedures, we plan for the primary retrieval, i.e. retrieving the patient from their location and delivering them to the agreed drop-off point. We will then arrange secondary evacuation to another facility after the patient has been assessed.

During the evacuation process, we cover all the transport costs and documentation required at each stage of the operation.

Overall, we take responsibility for your medical emergency and manage the process from start to finish.


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