Medical Emergency Response

In the event of an injury or illness which requires a higher level of care than is available on-site, SR8 Offshore can manage a case all the way through to definitive care and repatriation.

Working with trusted partners, we have access to a global network of primary and tertiary medical facilities, ground and air ambulance providers and local agents.

A critical element of any medical evacuation is the Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP). SR8 Offshore can create bespoke MERPs which clearly define the evacuation process detailing a documented chain of patient custody in addition to resources available in the area of operation, evacuation routes to specialist facilities, lines of communication and roles and responsibilities.

The Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP) is a key element of the Medical Emergency Response service.  SR8 Offshore can create project specific, risk based MERPs which include the following elements:

  • Evacuation routes and means of transport from the incident location to the place of medical care.
  • Identification of the designated health/medical providers involved in the plan including their capabilities and limitations.
  • Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders.
  • Contact details for key personnel and a detailed chain of communication.
  • A documented chain of patient custody.


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